DIY: Ridiculously cheap giant wall art and frame

So you want to hang something huge on that bare piece of wall above your couch but you don’t want to spend more than € 30,- on it because you’re broke and/or cheap. Well, you are going to looove me because I just made a giant (118 x 175 cm) piece of sofa art and I am going to spill my beans.

You’ll need

  • A large, digital image
  • 3 strips of laminate flooring trim
  • double-sided adhesive tape
  • sturdy cardboard
  • Ducttape
  • painting hooks
  • push pins

Creating my big ass wall art

I went on Google and searched for a very large image (it had to be at least 3376 × 4978 px) with a predominately white colour (use your tools section to filter). Note: using your own photography would of course be infinitely cooler. I really don’t like the look of existing painted art printed as a poster but if that’s your thing, go for it. Once you’ve selected your image and probably tweaked it a bit in Photoshop or the likes, you can send it to a printing office to have it made into a huge ass poster. You don’t need a printing office near you, just search online. Printing my art only cost me € 20,- so if I get tired of looking at a Spanish palace I’ll just get something else.

Hanging my big ass wall art

I always knew I wanted my poster to be framed instead of taped to the wall or hanging from regular poster strips. I wanted it to look way more artsy than it really is. But framing, as you might know, is an expensive affair. So I came up with a brilliant idea (I hope you don’t have a problem with my self love?). I went to the nearest DIY store and got the cheapest flooring trim in the nicest colour (I went with a dark oak laminate strip). These strips cost me a little less than € 9,- AND they’re self adhesive. I bought some cheap picture hanging hooks as well and went home to DIY  my frame.

I just measured and mitre cut them, I would normally use a mitre cutter for this (these things aren’t expensive either) but I couldn’t find it at home and used a little saw instead. However, I do recommend the mitre cutter because it creates much cleaner lines. Time to stick my laminate trims to the front of my poster, using its own adhesive tape. Then I flipped the poster over and enforced the corners with some very thick cardboard that I cut in triangles and applied with strong double-sided adhesive tape. A bit of Ducttape on top so the hook had something to cling to. I ended up pinning some pushpins through the white bit of the hook in for extra strength. I drilled two screws in my wall and hung my awesome, extra large wall art.

Let me know if you tried this and share your results with me on social media (@coralandcrow), I get a real kick out of that 🙂


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